A Tow Truck Driver Day

For me being a tow operator is much more than just a job. I know so many people that after the weekend don’t want Monday to roll around, and here I am, I work six or seven days a week and I’m never tired of my work.I’ve been asked to tell people about an average day, but I really can’t do that because most of the time no two days are alike. We work around the clock, in shifts, so the times that I work are different, which means that I see different types of calls all the time. And of course many calls depend on the weather here in Mississauga. Winter is totally different to the summer, they have different amounts and different types of calls.

When I’m on shift I have to make sure that I can be at any site in the area within 30 minutes, between calls I can hang out in the office, in my truck or even go home, but I have to leave immediately after getting a call from dispatch.

After The Emergency Call

Once the call comes in I’m on my way, I use GPS to get to the site as quickly as possible and get details of the call from dispatch before leaving. Once I reach the site I have to work as quickly as I can to get the customer out and back on the road, or onto the tow truck if necessary. This is the part of my job that I enjoy. Despite all experience I seldom find that two calls are the same. I reach the site and take a look around, assessing what I need to do and how I can do it, taking all details into consideration – the condition of the road, the vehicle and the weather. My previous experiences are very useful when it comes to assessing how to tow, what tools to use and where the best place for me to work from is. These are things I learned from over the years from other operators and I have passed them on to others too. In our profession we look out for one another and talk about our calls in order to learn and teach others.

Once I finish with the call I get back in the truck and let dispatch know and wait for the next call of the day.

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