How to Become a Towing Technician

The busy roads of Mississauga, and most other urban areas of the world, give rise to a high demand for tow techs. If you are interested in becoming a tow tech you can read a little about what’s in store for you in the next few paragraphs.

Having the Right Background

Tow techs must have good knowledge of motorized vehicles in general. This does not mean they must all be auto mechanics but only that they be adequately familiar with the basics of operation of different types of vehicles and as closely familiar with as many models (not only of cars but also of motorcycles, vans, ROVs etc.).
If you like cars (and other motor vehicles), if you know at least a little about how they’re built and what makes them run you may have the right stuff for becoming a tow tech.

Education and Training

Tow techs must undergo courses which lead up to getting the necessary certification. In most states tow techs must have at least high school level prior education. Training to become a towing technician involves some time spent in class, simulation training, and hours of accompanying certified tow techs on real life jobs.
You should know that training to become a tow tech costs money but that if you find a towing company that’s willing to invest in you they may choose to become your sponsors provided you work for them for at least a certain period of time after you become qualified.


Tow techs must hold licenses from appropriate authorities. All tow techs must be licensed to drive and operate tow trucks. Once licensed you can offer your services to a towing company, professional towing service providers only employ fully licensed tow techs, this is done not only to ensure they are up to speed but also since insurance companies demand that only licensed tow techs be in charge of towing operations (otherwise they will not cover damages inflicted on towed vehicles or the tow truck).


As with most professions, tow techs must gather experience in order to truly become good at what they do. If you land a job with a leading towing company, such as Titanium Towing, you will first be assigned to accompany a veteran colleague, then sent on your own to handle relatively simple towing jobs and as you become more proficient you will be assigned more and more complex jobs, such as accident removals and heavy duty towing.

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