Long Distance Towing

There are different circumstances in which towing a vehicle becomes necessary. The most obvious is of course an unexpected breakdown or traffic accident leaving the vehicle immobilized. Such towing jobs usually require transporting the vehicle a relatively short distance and so are generally referred to as local towing.
But there are other, very different circumstances requiring towing over long distances, many times transporting vehicles in perfect working order, this type of towing is known as long distance towing.
At Titanium Towing we are well versed in providing all types of towing services, Long distance towing naturally among them.

When is Long Distance Towing Called for

Generally speaking, any tow over a distance of over 30 miles is considered by most towing companies as long distance towing.
There are different reasons why a vehicle needs to be towed over such long distances, many times when it is in perfect working order. The most common reason for long distance towing is a family relocating. In some cases such families may decide not to drive their vehicle (or vehicles) to their new homes but rather have it towed there. It may be that family members themselves travel together in one car leaving a second one to be towed.

In other cases special vehicles are towed and not driven. One example is a vintage car on its way to take part in a meet or exhibition, another example is a sports car (of the track or dirt kind) on way to participate in a racing event. All terrain vehicles are built for power and withstanding rough driving conditions and are slow and inefficient on highways, and so such vehicles too are candidates for long distance towing.

When you find yourself in need of long distance towing you want a towing service you can trust to do the job for you. Titanium Towing takes pride in being one of the most professional and reliable towing companies there is. With one of our techs at the wheel of a state of the art towing truck you can rest assured your vehicle is in good hands.

Reliability is Key

With long distance towing you must be able to rely wholeheartedly on the towing company you choose. Titanium Towing is a veteran supplier of top quality, comprehensive towing services. Needless to say we are fully licensed, our techs are all highly skilled professionals and our tow trucks top class and fully equipped.

If you find you need a vehicle to be transported a long distance make sure the towing company you place your trust in is experienced in this type of towing. Many companies operate almost strictly locally and so are not in a position to provide the reliable long distance towing service you deserve.

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