Open Trunk Service by Titanium Towing

Titanium Towing is definitely your one-stop towing company offering all kinds of towing and roadside assistance services to everyone in Mississauga–everything you know you’ll need during an emergency, like on-the-spot assistance and out of road services, and things you think you’ll never need until the time comes when you finally need them, like open trunk services–all a phone call and thirty minutes away from your exact location, customer satisfaction always a guarantee. Always willing to serve the local community, Titanium Towing works 24 hours a day and helps all those who are in need of professional tow truck drivers and roadside assistance specialists to get them out of a tight spot.

 Our Open Trunk Services are The Best

 If you happen to have an old, beat up car that you still love, or God forbid, a new one that’s just got a jammed trunk that’s been stuck shut for the longest time, call Titanium towing right away. Our servicemen have all the state-of-the-art equipment necessary to pop open a trunk without destroying or scratching any part of your beloved car, and without completely ruining your car’s lock system.

 The Importance of Having a Usable Car Trunk

 A jammed car trunk can be pretty bad especially when you have your spare tire or some other tools stashed inside it–most people keep tool boxes in their car trunks for quick and easy car repairs–so you might be caught in a state of panic when you find that you can’t open your trunk anymore. Calling Titanium Towing is definitely your safest and best bet because since we’ve been in the industry for years now, we’ve dealt with all kinds of car models, even those that have highly advanced lock systems and not-so-typical-looking car trunks.

 As mentioned above, Titanium Towing offers a range of services to everyone in Mississauga, some of which are listed below:

 ▪     Flatbed towing
▪     Private property towing
▪     Long distance towing
▪     Local distance towing
▪     Motorcycle towing
▪     Heavy duty towing
▪     Accident removal services
▪     24h car lockout solutions
▪     24h roadside assistance
▪     Light Duty Towing

If you’re interested to know more about our open trunk services and other 24/7 roadside assistant services, give us a call. We also provide our Mississauga customers with free estimates.


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