Private Property Towing Experts in Mississauga

There are things that have become such an obvious part of our daily routine that we take little notice of them. One might even say we take them for granted. One of the best examples for this is your private car. You have spent a lot of time choosing just the perfect one, as you have put considerable financial resources into buying it. However, as time goes by you start to take it for granted, like many others, expecting it will always be there and waiting to carry you from point A to point B, always willing and able. The problem starts, well, when the problems start.
When the problems start you will want a professional service provider to stand by your side and guide you through. When the problems start you will want Titanium Towing. Give us a call at (289) 205-0085 and dedicate yourself to the difficult task of sitting back and relaxing while we do the heavy lifting.

Car trouble and customer satisfaction

Getting customers to be 100% satisfied and feeling good although they suffer car trouble takes a great deal of professionalism, finesse, and service awareness. We do this by sticking to several important service standards:

  • 24/7/365 availability: our call center is always open. Any hour, day or night, one of our representatives will be right here, ready to receive your call. Knowing that there will always be someone here for them is a great comfort for Mississauga drivers.
  • 30 minute ETA: we keep a few teams deployed throughout Mississauga so we can reach you in only 30 minutes. Knowing that very little waiting is ahead of them, is of even greater comfort to Mississauga drivers.
  • Professionals only: our certified and experienced professionals easily take care of any car related situation.

With such a commitment customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Here at your service

Our additional professional services include:

  • Auto locksmith solutions (key duplication, lock picking, broken key extraction, etc.)
  • Roadside assistance solutions (flat tire change, out of gas, car battery, etc.)
  • Dolly / wheels-lift / flatbed towing
  • Light / medium / heavy duty towing
  • Wrecker service, accident removal, recovery, etc.
  • Long distance towing and in-city towing

When in need of private property towing and any other auto related assistance the answer is simple and the solution close at hand – call us now at (289) 205-0085.

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