10 Questions To Ask the Towing Company Before Ordering a Tow Service

As a car owner who might be in need of a towing service in the future—and since you never know when, as emergencies can happen at the most random or inconvenient of times—you must brush up on important things you need to ask before asking a towing company to tow your vehicle.

 We have rounded up some basic questions you need to ask the phone operator of a towing company to ensure that you get the best and most appropriate type of towing service for your vehicle.

What to ask?

  1. What kinds of vehicles does your company usually tow?

Before anything else, ask them if they are capable of towing the kind of vehicle you have, as some vehicles have special towing requirements (to avoid any damage).

  1. What kinds of tow trucks do you have?

Do they tow using wreckers, flatbeds, or tow dollies? This is vital information you should consider before ordering.

  1. How long will it take for you to get to my location?

Most companies would say in thirty minutes or less—make sure they tell you so you have their word as basis.

  1. How much will everything cost (as an initial estimate)?

Even before ordering for a service, asking for an estimate is advisable so you’ll get a rough idea of how much everything will cost.

  1. Aside from towing services, are there other related services you offer?

Some companies offer roadside assistance services or locksmith services—if you’re in need of these, it would be advisable to look for a towing company that offers the other services you need.

  1. Does your company have any certifications in the towing industry?

If a towing company is BBB-licensed or certified, this is usually a good sign.

  1. How many years of experience do your tow truck drivers have?

It would be good to know whether you’re dealing with experienced drivers or not.

  1. What mode of payment do you accept?

Good towing companies should accept both cash and credit.

  1. What is your exact address in Mississauga?

Ask this so you can get an approximation of how long will it take for them to get to you.

  1. Are there any taxes or additional fees I need to know about?

It’s better to know right away than much later.

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